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  • A corner of the universeA corner of the universe

    Martin, Ann M.

    The summer Hattie turns 12, her predictable smalltown life is turned on end when her uncle Adam returns home for the first time in over ten years. Hattie has never met him, never known about him. He's been institutionalized; his condition invovles schizophrenia and autism.

  • Big WishBig Wish

    Robshaw, Brandon.

    When a shooting star grants Sam a million wishes (as long as they are logically possible) he thinks that he will be able to make his life better at his new school--but he soon learns that you have to be very careful, because wishes can have unexpected consequences.

  • Save me a seatSave me a seat

    Weeks, Sarah.

    Ravi has just moved to the United States from India and has always been at the top of his class; Joe has lived in the same town his whole life and has learning problems--but when their lives intersect in the first week of fifth grade they are brought together by a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and the need to take control of their lives.

  • Alice's adventure in wonderlandAlice's adventure in wonderland

    Carroll, Lewis.

    A little girl falls down a rabbit hole and discovers a world of nonsensical and amusing characters.

  • This side of wildThis side of wild

    Paulsen, Gary.

    In the National Book Award longlist book This Side of Wild, Newbery Honor–winning author Gary Paulsen shares surprising true stories about his relationship with animals, highlighting their compassion, intellect, intuition, and sense of adventure.

  • The Christmas GenieThe Christmas Genie

    Gutman, Dan.

    When a meteorite crashes into a fifth-grade classroom at Lincoln School in Oak Park, Illinois, the genie inside agrees to grant the class a Christmas wish--if they can agree on one within an hour.

  • CursedCursed : The Enchanted Files

    Coville, Bruce.

    Angus Cairns is a brownie, a magical creature with a fastidious nature. Alex Carhart is the messiest eleven-year-old in the United States of America. Together, this unlikely pair embarks on an unforgettable adventure.

  • The wide-awake princessThe wide-awake princess

    Baker, E.D.

    Sleeping Beauty (the true story): hilarious, action-packed and with one or two significant differences in this clever and inventive twist on one of our best loved fairy stories.

  • The girl who survivedThe girl who survived : A true story of the holocaust

    Brandman, Bronia.

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